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Landlord-Tenant Basics

Interesting and Basic Facts About Landlord-Tenant Law While many landlords are well-versed and educated on landlord-tenant laws, it never hurts to double check on the

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Karon Waivers

Divorce can be the most difficult time for the parties.  During a marriage, most couples pool their resources to achieve their goals,  pay off debts,

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Bankruptcy Appeals

It is common knowledge that the legal process can be confusing, complicated, and nuanced.  Attorneys spend years learning the ins and outs of their particular

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What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

Custody Battles Highly disputed custody cases require a delicate touch on the part of the court. Maintaining order while making necessary determinations must be balanced

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Emergency Relief

Tonight J/T’s own Karolina Hoerl and Chris Vatsaas presented on the topic of Emergency Relief in Family Law cases at a 19th District Bar Association

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Is Divorce For Me?

Thinking Carefully Before Making a Decision Deciding whether or not to continue a marriage is not one that someone should make lightly. Careful thought must

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Postnuptial Agreements

Being married means building a future with another person and trying to make sure your goals are aligned and you work toward those goals as

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Life Estates

Real estate is the cornerstone of stability for millions of Americans. Buying your own home is part of the American dream for most people, and we

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Client Testimonial

The following blog post was written by a former client, Julia G. as a testimonial for Johnson/Turner Legal. Despair. Failure. Lost. Hopeless. Terror. Shame. Worthless. Loser. Homeless.

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Trust Taxation

Estate planning is an essential part of creating a solid plan for your future.  With an estate plan, you can lay out a specific plan

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