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Minnesota Statute 332C and What It Means For Your Business

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Minnesota Statute 332C and What It Means For Your Business

December 15, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Minnesota Statute 332C and What It Means For Your Business

December 15, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

As a business owner in Minnesota, staying informed about legal changes is crucial. One significant change that might impact your Limited Liability Company (LLC) is Minnesota Statute 332C. This statute, effective since 2014, has brought essential transformations in how LLCs operate within the state.

Why Minnesota Statute 332C Matters to Your LLC

In 2014, Minnesota adopted the Revised Uniform LLC Act through Statute 332C. This move was significant as it brought Minnesota in line with other states, easing interstate and international business dealings. If you formed your LLC after 2014, your documentation likely aligns with 332C. However, for LLCs established before this, a careful review of your corporate documents is necessary.

Key Changes Under Statute 332C

  • Dissenters’ Rights: Previously, under Chapter 322B, LLC members had certain dissenters’ rights, including equitable buyout demands. Statute 332C has removed these rights unless explicitly included in your LLC documents.
  • Fiduciary Duties: The statute elaborates on the fiduciary duties of loyalty and care for LLC members, managers, and governors. These clarifications are vital for ensuring fair and responsible management of your business.

Aligning Your LLC with New Regulations

For LLCs formed before 2014, it’s imperative to review and possibly update your corporate documents. This ensures they comply with the current legal framework of Statute 332C. The transition might require legal expertise to navigate the complexities of these changes.

How Johnson/Turner Can Help

At Johnson/Turner, we specialize in guiding business owners through legal transitions. Our team can review your LLC’s compliance with Statute 332C and suggest necessary modifications. With our support, you can focus on growing your business, assured that your legal bases are covered.

Minnesota Statute 332C represents a significant shift in LLC governance. Understanding and adapting to these changes is vital for your business’s smooth operation. Contact us today for expert assistance in aligning your LLC with the current legal standards.


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