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Say FairWell to long, drawn-out litigation and costly disputes.

Mediation offers parties reasonable and sound solutions that can lead to better outcomes and far less conflict than traditional legal processes.

And unlike other mediations, FairWell also provides you with completed court documents at the conclusion of the mediation process.

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A Process Focused on Fairness and Your Best Interests


Minnesota divorce mediation promotes cooperation and compromise between parties, leading to a faster and simpler divorce. A neutral third party, often a legal professional, guides discussions and negotiations on divorce issues.


Informal mediation proceedings can greatly benefit parties in a child custody dispute by prioritizing the child's best interests. This approach avoids treating the child as a trophy to be won. With the guidance of an experienced mediator, the parties' mediation attorneys work towards minimizing the negative effects of divorce on the child by finding a suitable custody arrangement.


Child support mediation considers crucial factors like the parties' financial situations and obligations. Skilled family law mediators assist in addressing related matters, including the tax implications of child support.


Divorce matters, like spousal support, can strain the relationship between you and your former spouse. Traditional litigation can intensify competition instead of fostering reconciliation. At FairWell Family Law Mediation, we prioritize fair solutions and help you navigate the mediation process to resolve your legal issues.

What if my spouse won’t agree
to FairWell Mediation?

Changing Course Has
Never Been Easier

With FairWell Mediation, you’re not locked into a predetermined path. If your spouse won’t agree, you can pivot easily to attorney representation by Johnson/Turner Legal or DIYvorce.

Your satisfaction and achieving the best possible outcome for you are our top priorities.

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We wanted results without the high cost of a typical divorce, and FairWell did just that.

They made it easy and explained everything we needed to move this tough process forward.

- Jennifer G.

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