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Whether you want to build an addition onto your house or a new wing onto your company, understanding real estate and land use laws in your area will be instrumental to your success.

At Johnson/Turner Legal, our Minnesota real estate and land use lawyers can help you defend your property. Every client we bring on board gets an experienced Minnesota real estate and land use attorney, two paralegals, and a client engagement specialist assigned to their case. When you work with us, you gain access to a team of professionals that can prepare you for your case and beyond.

If you’re worried about legal fees, we understand. That’s why we use a flat-fee pricing model, so you know up-front exactly how much our services cost. We always put the client first, and we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is to prove it.

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What Is Real Estate & Land Use Law?

Real estate and land use are two areas of the law that commonly get glossed over. If you’ve ever had a run-in with a particularly ornery Homeowners’ Association or tried to operate a business, you’ve had a run-in with real estate and land use law.

Some common legal areas governed by real estate and land use laws include:

What Can a Real Estate or Land Use Attorney Help Me Do?

A real estate or land use attorney can help you navigate the following types of issues:

  • Filing with a municipality to build a home or business. If you want to build a structure in a municipality, you’ll need to comply with zoning laws, as well as safety and environmental regulations. A land use attorney can make sure your proposal complies with municipal regulations and is legally sound. They can also help you understand zoning laws in your municipality more thoroughly, so you’re prepared for any future additions.
  • Filing a suit against a municipality for real estate damage or land use violations. For example, if the city builds a faulty sewer line under your driveway and it bursts, compromising your property’s integrity, you may be entitled to file a suit against the city. A real estate and land use lawyer can help you fight for your rights in municipal court.
  • Easements. An easement is a type of provision that allows certain persons to ignore real estate or land use laws. For example, a utility company might request an easement to run telephone wires over or on your property. An attorney can help you file for or contest an easement.
  • Homeowners’ Association issues. If you believe your Homeowners’ Association is violating municipal rights or your rights as a private citizen, an attorney can help you take the appropriate steps to protect your rights.
  • Buying a home. A real estate attorney can proof your closing documents and mortgage to make sure you’re getting a good deal on your home, and that there are no issues with titles, deeds, or insurance/loan papers.
  • Property additions. Zoning laws in your area might dictate if you’re able to add on to your property. An attorney can help clarify how a property addition will interact with your municipality’s zoning laws and take the proper steps to help you pursue an addition.
  • Encroachments. If a neighbor or business encroaches on your property (such as building a fence on your land without first obtaining an easement), a real estate attorney can help you protect your property and take the case to court (or settle it if possible).
  • Boundary Line Disputes – Boundary line disputes have been around since there were boundaries. But we’re here to help protect your property and your rights, including building, road and fence encroachments, easements—to say nothing of simply fostering resolution between neighbors. A successful boundary line dispute resolution might entail:
    • Professional surveys
    • Historic use of land and title record searches
    • Mining photographs from previous land use
    • Researching agreements between prior owners
    • Subdivision inquiries

At Johnson/Turner Legal, our Minnesota real estate and land use lawyers are proud to help private and public clients alike pursue their best interests.

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