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A do-it-yourself resource for navigating your divorce.

It Starts With You

DIYvorce is a streamlined and budget-friendly solution for your family law matter. Our experienced Minnesota family law paralegal will assist you in drafting court forms and provide answers to your questions.

If your needs change, you can easily transition to Fair- Well Mediation or attorney representation from Johnson/ Turner Legal without any loss of progress.

DIYvorce is exclusively available for Minnesota divorces, making your process hassle-free.

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Changing Course Has
Never Been Easier

With DIYvorce, you’re not locked into a
predetermined path. We empower you to make informed decisions and switch gears if needed, all while benefiting from our expertise and advanced resources.

Your satisfaction and achieving the best possible
outcome for you are our top priorities.

Created by Minnesota Divorce Attorneys

DIYvorce was created by Minnesota divorce attorneys who know that people need a path to their divorce that doesn’t require thousands of dollars and months of fighting. But they also need to know their divorce is done correctly, and that it resolves the couple’s disagreements.

Our system helps you organize your personal information, identify critical issues in your case, and offers you insights and ideas along the way. You receive access to articles to help you understand the legal considerations involved in your case, and how-to articles to help you with the process.

Reviews From Past Clients

I chose to use the DIYvorce program and it was so easy to navigate and work through.

Everyone at Johnson/Turner was so friendly and helpful!

- Amanda H.

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