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Parental Kidnapping

Addressing Child Custody and Parental Kidnapping in Divorce The Challenge of Child Custody Disputes Child custody often becomes the most intense and contested issue in

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What Is an Estate Inventory?

Navigating the Probate Process Understanding the probate process can be challenging due to its intricate procedural requirements. It requires you to undertake several key steps

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Removing a Conservator

At Johnson/Turner, we specialize in making complex estate planning topics, like conservator removal, more approachable for our clients. Let’s delve into the essential aspects of

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Right of First Refusal: Pros and Cons

Navigating Divorce: Financial Decisions and Child Custody Managing Complex Choices in Divorce Divorce brings many challenging decisions, from financial arrangements to child custody. Spousal maintenance,

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Step-Children and Inheritance Rights

Blended families are increasingly common, navigating complex dynamics in estate planning, especially regarding step-children’s inheritance rights. At Johnson/Turner, we recognize these challenges and offer expert

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