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Sole Physical Custody and Why It Is Sometimes Awarded

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Sole Physical Custody and Why It Is Sometimes Awarded

December 13, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Sole Physical Custody and Why It Is Sometimes Awarded

December 13, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Embarking on the journey of child custody decisions, particularly sole physical custody, presents unique challenges. At Johnson/Turner, we actively guide you through these complexities, prioritizing your child’s best interests and well-being.

Deciphering Sole Physical Custody

While joint legal custody grants equal rights to both parents to share in making major decisions for the children, sole physical custody involves a child primarily living with one parent. This arrangement, while granting the other parent visitation rights, centralizes on the child’s daily needs. It’s a decision that doesn’t exclude the non-custodial parent but rather focuses on the child’s consistent care.

Factors Influencing Sole Physical Custody Awards

Courts consider various factors when awarding sole physical custody:

  1. Prioritizing the Child’s Needs: The child’s physical, emotional, and educational well-being remains the court’s foremost concern. Safety and stability are key considerations.
  2. Assessing Parental Capabilities: Courts may award sole custody if one parent shows a lack of capacity or willingness to provide adequate care, perhaps due to substance abuse issues or a history of violence.
  3. Addressing Logistical Challenges: In cases where parents live far apart, joint custody becomes less feasible, leading to sole custody arrangements.

Johnson/Turner: Your Custody Advocates

As experts in family law, Johnson/Turner stands out with our:

  • Customized Legal Approaches: We recognize the uniqueness of each family’s situation. Our legal strategies are therefore tailor-made, ensuring they align with your family’s needs.
  • Clear and Consistent Communication: We maintain a transparent dialogue throughout your legal journey, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Empathetic and Understanding Support: We approach each case with the sensitivity it deserves, understanding the emotional weight it carries for you and your child.

In the realm of sole physical custody, the stakes are high and the decisions impactful. Johnson/Turner commits to guiding you through this process with expert advice, unwavering support, and a deep understanding of family dynamics. We ensure your child’s welfare is the cornerstone of every legal decision, providing peace of mind as you navigate this crucial phase.


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