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Family Law: 6 Benefits of Divorce Coaching

Family Law: 6 Benefits of Divorce Coaching

November 7, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Family Law: 6 Benefits of Divorce Coaching

November 7, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Are you familiar with divorce coaching and how it works? This overview shows you the benefits of working with a divorce coach.

Divorce tends to be one of the most difficult times for people. After making a lifelong commitment to each other and realizing it is not going to work out, it can put some people over the edge.

Unfortunately, there are nearly 700,000 divorces in the United States every year.

However, that does not mean that a divorce has to be a nightmare experience. Having divorce coaching can help make this a smoother experience for you and your loved ones.

What are the benefits of hiring a divorce coach? These are six that stand out.

1. Neutral Party

One of the biggest benefits of divorce coaches is that they are a true neutral party during this process.

During a divorce, it is natural for a spouse to turn to friends or family for support. While it is important to have that support, those friends and family members are very unlikely to view the situation objectively.

A divorce coach can act as a mediator and get both parties to extend an olive branch. This divorce coach can also offer a safe space for both sides to speak their minds because it is their job to be objective in these situations.

If you are going to end a marriage on good terms, it is essential that a neutral party is present to represent the interests of both sides.

2. Save Money

Another great benefit to hiring a divorce coach is to try to save money during this process. Let’s face it, the divorce process is costly enough as is.

You have to consider the fact that spouses are splitting up a lot of valuable assets, and some will have to replace these assets entirely. An example of this is a house or an apartment. Even if you sell a house and split what you receive from a sale, both of you still need to invest money in somewhere else to live.

Then, you have to think about how much money it costs to file a divorce. The average cost of divorce in the United States is $12,900. However, this can nearly double if a divorce case ends up having to go to trial.

Financially, it is in the best interest of both parties to have as peaceful of a divorce as possible. If both spouses can successfully do this, they may be able to keep their divorce costs down to around $4,000.

Anyone looking to keep divorce costs low should make an active effort to come to an agreement through divorce coaching.

3. Save Time

The one thing as valuable as money here is your time. Divorce is already a painful process that takes months or years to recover from.

If you have to drag this out with a long trial, you are only making the process more painful and it prevents you from moving on with your life. Those who have a smooth divorce have a much better chance of saving time and using that extra time to move on to the next stage of their life.

Divorce can typically take between 12-18 months to finalize. However, if you use a divorce coach to get closer to an uncontested divorce, you can cut this time down significantly.

4. Empathetic Voice

Divorce coaches are very aware that divorce is a difficult time for both spouses. These spouses are mourning the loss of a marriage, and some of them may have no idea what to do next.

Others may feel lost and do not know how to communicate those losses. Divorce coaches can help these spouses by being an empathetic voice that they need.

They can let the spouses know that it is normal to feel what they are feeling and even give these spouses advice on where to go from here. As a result, it may help spouses open up during this process and receive the closure that they need.

This increases the chances of a smoother divorce and a quicker recovery time.

5. Making Compromises

During the divorce process, there is likely going to be at least one big issue that neither spouse wants to budge on. If that fails to get resolved early enough, it can result in a case going to trial.

When that happens, it can result in more time wasted, more money wasted, and a lot more stress added for each spouse. A divorce coach can help extend the olive branch that both spouses may need to come up with a compromise on these big issues.

Some of the most difficult things to come to a mutual agreement on typically include child custody, child support, property rights, alimony, business ownership rights, and more.

Because a divorce coach is a neutral party and an empathetic voice, they can help provide the space and communication needed to come closer on these issues. As a result, you increase the chances of finding a solution that works for both sides.

6. Cordial Future

Finally, there may be a chance that you still have to see your spouse regularly after your divorce is final. This could be because you have children, you live very close to each other, or you work in the same business.

If you find yourself in this situation, things could get tense for the foreseeable future if you end up having an ugly divorce with your spouse.

A divorce coach increases the chances of a divorce ending on good terms because they will encourage active communication. If you and your spouse can communicate and compromise, this may mean that you can still be cordial with each other after your divorce is finalized.

Get Divorce Coaching

These are just six of the benefits you will receive if you have the proper divorce coaching. Using this service could allow you to move on with your life and keep things civil.

For help with this, you can use the Johnson/Turner legal team. We are Minnesota divorce lawyers who are dedicated to making the divorce process go as smoothly as possible.

Our lawyers also understand that this is a difficult time. So, we will give you the compassion that you need.

Message us here to learn more.


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