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Attorney Positions

Do you want to be a lawyer who gets to solely focus on practicing law? You’ll be a part of an amazing team at a forward-thinking firm with an awesome culture! Join Our Attorney Team!
  • Estate Planning & Probate Attorney– JT is ready to add to our attorney team. We are interested in amazing candidates with 2+ years of experience in estate planning and probate. Experience or interest in family law is a plus!
  • Family Law Attorney – JT is ready to add to our attorney team. We are interested in amazing candidates with 2-5 years of experience in family law. Experience or interest in estate planning & probate is a plus!
  • Civil Litigation Attorney – JT is ready to add to our attorney team. We are interested in amazing candidates with 1-3 years of experience civil litigation. Experience or interest in municipal, family law, estate planning and probate is a plus!

Our Culture

At Johnson Turner we do serious work, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. We know we can ditch our egos and still be proud of our accomplishments. We have created a culture that encourages us to be forward thinking, consistently growing (both personally and professionally), striving for excellence, but also having a lot of fun in the process. We achieve this by staying focused on our Living Core Values: A JT Employee
  • Team – Takes initiative to step up and help, Goes the extra mile, provides constructive feedback, consistently adhere to Firm policies and procedures, maintains a positive attitude, and contributes to office morale.
  • Innovation – Provides creative solutions, adapts to frequent changes, and seeks to advance the success of J/T
  • Community – Nurtures and expands existing client relationships through new programs, new geographical representations, and special projects. Brings favorable recognition to the Firm by participation in professional organizations, bar groups, community groups, pro bono or charitable work
  • Knowledge – shows knowledge, skills and work performance consistent with his or her years of practice, routinely improves performance, consistently turns out work of the highest professional caliber compared to his or her peers, a “go to” person who inspires confidence that the job will get done well.
  • Compassion – Manifests “Friends-in-law”, client focused, communicates with clients and other J/T employees beyond work-related topics, develops new ways to provide excellent client service and an excellent work environment.

Employee Reviews

“My favorite thing about JT is the people. Everyone here is great to work with, always willing to help each other out, and we all have each other’s back. We all work so hard, but we also have fun. I truly enjoy working with my colleagues. If you envision yourself working at firm that is innovative and always striving to be the best we can be for our clients, then JT is the place for you. The culture at JT is different than other firms. We are all part of a team that works really hard to best serve our clients and we genuinely care about getting/giving them the best outcome we can.”

– Chadwick Kerby

“The firm has a very collegial and supportive environment. The attorneys and staff are wonderful to work with. The firm is very progressive with its technology and systems.”

– Jack

“Let me count the blessings… from the moment I walked in the door with a legal need of my own and met with our team, I knew this was a special place. My personal journey led me here for hope and I got it back in spades when I became an employee 2 years later. The opportunity for growth both professionally and personally that J/T has given me has exponentially changed my life. The team mentality here is unlike any other I have encountered. I am afforded the opportunity to work beside and learn from the best in their fields every day. My role here as a Client Engagement Specialist allows me to do something I love, help people navigate through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I sell hope and that makes my heart happy. Thank you J/T for showing me that I can do anything!”

– Denise Raymeyer

“Working at Johnson/Turner Legal has been an incredible experience for me. It has also offered me an opportunity to learn and “think out of the box” to best connect with potential clients as well as accomplish quality outcomes for clients we serve. Not only have I had the pleasure to visit with many people, who have provided me with a sense of accomplishment and purpose, but I get to work alongside dedicated colleagues, whose collective efforts seamlessly align to achieve amazing service and results with me, together. I am pleased and glad to be a part of Johnson/Turner Legal. “

– Shelley Beckman

Career Paths

Attorneys and Paralegals
  • Attorneys and Paralegals have an opportunity to set their own course with a wide variety of paths or roles offered by JT. We understand that each person has skills, talents, and interests that are unique and so too provide a distinct benefit to our firm. We train, develop, and invest in each attorney’s and paralegal’s individual strengths to provide a career that is not just sustainable but also meaningful.
Sales and Marketing
  • Our Sales Professionals can serve as Client Development Specialists or Client Engagement Specialists. Both roles allow significant time working with people who are exploring their legal needs and deciding how to move forward. The Client Development Specialist is the first person a potential client speaks with, and their role is to encourage the potential to meet with our team to learn their options, and to schedule that appointment. Client Engagement Specialists meet with the potential client, either in person, over the phone, or via video-conferencing. They learn about the potential client’s situation and help them determine what services Johnson/Turner Legal has that can help address their challenges. They conduct follow up with potential clients, and serve as an integral member of their Team once they become a client of the firm. We train, develop, and invest in each sales professional’s individual strengths to provide a meaningful career.
Mentorship and Training
  • Johnson Turner is proud of the efforts we make to mentor and train each employee, and believe that it truly sets us apart from other firms. Employees receive extensive, comprehensive, and ongoing training throughout their careers. Trainings occur internally and also from cutting edge leaders in their field. Attendance at conference, webinars, CLEs and Institutes are not just encouraged, but required for advancement. Mentorship, too, is a priority and sourced both from the experience of others within our firm, but also those who’ve achieved excellence elsewhere.
  • Our Accounting Professionals have the opportunity to thrive while working to their individual skills and talents as a specialist in varied accounting roles, while also obtaining more comprehensive knowledge and experience with our team approach to getting the work done. We train, develop, and invest in each accounting professional’s individual strengths to provide a meaningful career.
Information Technology
  • As the digital transformation is occurring, we are committed to being an industry leader in that transformation. Our IT professionals will be at the forefront of that effort, transforming and improving how we do things and, ultimately, our clients’ journey and experience as well as our employees. We run wall-to-wall on and integrated applications. Up to this point, we have mostly contracted out for our IT services, but are now ready to bring such professionals in house to build this department and to take our operation to the next level.


Attorneys at Johnson/Turner Legal enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better Compensation plan – High achievers are rewarded. Base salary, plus a formulaic monthly incentive plan that transparently shows you what you’ll make based on your performance metrics. In addition, traditional incentives are provided such as Health Insurance, 401k, and Vacation. Finally, throughout the year, there are fun perks, gifts, and incentives to celebrate firm-wide successes.
  • Your clients will be provided to you. You have no sales and marketing responsibilities – just focus on serving clients and practicing law well.
  • No hourly billing – our cases are handled with fixed prices per packages.
  • You are part of a Team that is second to none. Highly-skilled specialists including, paralegals, sales, accounting, and IT work seamlessly together to help you and to optimize the client experience.
  • You are supported by industry-leading training, systems, workflows, software and automation – all making you a better lawyer.


Dedicated to Building Trust and Providing Comfort

“Johnson Turner was very professional and knowledgeable as well as caring and responsive. I knew they were truly working hard in my best interest. My legal team was quick to action and got done what I needed quickly and effectively.”

– Leaanna W.

“I appreciated their professionalism, relentlessness and abilities to complete this plan desired.”

– Justin B.

“I really was impressed with the atmosphere when I first entered the Rochester location of Johnson Turner Legal.”

– Brant M.

Our Core Values

Teamwork. Innovation. Community. Knowledge. Compassion.


Our employees are the key to the success of our clients, and ultimately of the firm. We strive to create a culture that instills a sense of belonging. We want to provide our employees with a safety net, which empowers them to take risks and make leaps, while knowing that others will support, assist and, if need be, catch them. Maintaining a firm culture of shared vision, open communication, positive work environment and friendships will foster a cohesive team of professionals working together to champion the successes of our clients, our community partners, and the firm.


We believe the legal industry needs to break free from its stale and uncreative practices in order to serve the needs of today’s clients. We seek to lead the way in revolutionizing the way consumers experience legal representation. We strive to reinvent all major facets of the delivery of legal services, including how we involve our clients in our representation through information sharing and communication, how we produce legal documents, manage cases, and price our services. We understand the challenges that come with innovation, and strive to support one another’s new ideas.


We strive to ensure that our attorneys and staff are fully versed in their practice areas to provide our clients the best advice and representation. The knowledge necessary to do so includes not only mastering the letter of the law, but also understanding trends in the interpretation and application of the law. We are life long learners who know there will never come a day when we have all the answers. We nurture and rely on our strong network of relationships within the firm and beyond. We study; we reflect; we converse; and we challenge one another. Our depth of knowledge sets us apart.


We all experiences life’s challenges, whether as part of our day-to-day routines or as a result of an event or transition in one’s life. Johnson/Turner Legal strives to help its clients and the legal profession rise through such challenges. Whether by pursuing fairness and justice, by solving problems or by bringing new perspective, Johnson/Turner Legal is dedicated to building trust and providing comfort.


We are a service organization, helping people through challenges and transitions in their lives. Our work must extend beyond our clients to champion the success of our colleagues, friends and the communities at large in which we live and work. We work to improve our communities through volunteerism and leadership.

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