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How to Continue Making Progress During Divorce Waiting Periods in Minnesota

Even before you begin the divorce process, you’re likely already looking toward the finish line. While you may want to get divorced as quickly as possible, certain periods during divorce proceedings require some time and patience. Even so, you can continue working and making progress on your case. When you meet with a Minnesota divorce […]

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Denied Visitation by Your Ex

When spending time with your children is a top priority, you don’t want anything to get in the way of that. Unfortunately, sometimes your children’s other parent, who should also want the best for your children, is also the person keeping you from them. Getting denied your parenting time  with your kids can be frustrating […]

Psychological Assessments and Custody

Psychological Assessments in Custody Cases

Psychological Assessments in Custody Cases: Key Considerations The Role of Parental Evaluation in Custody Decisions In divorce and custody cases, courts must thoroughly assess each parent’s ability to provide a nurturing environment for their child. Central to custody decisions is determining the child’s best interests, a process that encompasses various factors, including the mental and […]

Navigating Child Custody Order Disputes

Enforcing a Child Custody Order

Navigating Child Custody Order Disputes: Understanding Your Options Resolving Custody Conflicts Amicably When co-parents face disagreements over child custody orders, the best scenario involves resolving these conflicts through civil discussion. However, not all situations unfold this way. At times, one or both parents might not adhere to the custody order’s stipulations. This breach necessitates understanding […]

Addressing Domestic Abuse in Divorce Cases in Minnesota

woman comforting another and Addressing Domestic Abuse in Divorce Cases

Addressing Domestic Abuse in Divorce Cases in Minnesota The Prevalence of Domestic Abuse in Divorce Domestic abuse is a significant issue in the United States, and Minnesota is no exception. It affects people of all genders and can be a critical factor in divorce proceedings. Despite the feelings of isolation that abusers often instill in […]

Understanding Child Emancipation

child standing alone considering emancipation

Understanding Child Emancipation: Navigating Independence in Family Law The Changing Dynamics of Parent-Child Relationships As children grow and become more independent, the dynamics within a family can shift significantly. These changes are often a natural part of growing up, but in some cases, they can lead to irreconcilable differences between parents and children. When these […]

Proof Needed to Get Sole Custody

Divorced parents fighting for sole custody of child

Navigating Child Custody in Divorce: Understanding Your Rights and Options The Complexity of Child Custody in Divorce Divorce brings unique challenges to every family, especially when it involves child custody. In Minnesota, there’s no default preference for joint or sole physical custody, making each case distinct. For parents considering sole custody, understanding the evidence required […]

Estate Planning with Real Estate: Understanding Life Estates

Life Estates

Estate Planning with Real Estate: Understanding Life Estates The Dream of Homeownership and Estate Planning Owning a home is a fundamental part of the American dream for many. Achieving this milestone often leads to the desire to preserve and pass on the asset to future generations. There are various estate planning tools available, from wills […]

Parental Kidnapping

lawyer looking into parental kidnapping case

Addressing Child Custody and Parental Kidnapping in Divorce The Challenge of Child Custody Disputes Child custody often becomes the most intense and contested issue in divorce or custody cases. After the trial, it’s common for one or both parents to be dissatisfied with the court’s decision. While this usually leads to an appeal or future […]

Addressing Alcohol Abuse in Child Custody Cases

custody and alcohol

Addressing Alcohol Abuse in Child Custody Cases The Challenge of Alcohol Abuse in Society Alcohol Use Disorder affects a significant portion of adults, with 15.1 million cases reported in individuals over eighteen, according to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. While alcohol isn’t inherently dangerous when consumed responsibly, its abuse can severely […]