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Navigating Changes to Your Child’s Living Arrangements

custody modifications

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary): To adjust your child’s primary residence, you must file a petition in court showing a significant change in circumstances. The law takes into account the child’s preference based on their maturity and ability to make independent decisions. It’s essential to consider the practicality and best interests of the child […]

Your Guide to Smoothly Navigating Tax Season Amidst Divorce

divorce and taxes

Embracing Change with Informed Decisions The dissolution of marriage introduces numerous adjustments in one’s life, from rearranging living situations to redefining financial landscapes. Amid these significant shifts, understanding the tax implications of divorce is crucial. This blog explores key areas such as spousal maintenance, child tax benefits, and the division of assets, ensuring you are […]

The Role of Court Visitors in Guardianship

Court Visitors and Guardianship

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary) Guardianship is a legal framework to protect people who can’t make decisions on their own Court visitors play a critical role in the guardianship process Court visitors evaluate the ward’s condition and recommend whether guardianship is necessary Seeking legal assistance is crucial for navigating the guardianship process effectively Johnson/Turner […]

What is Service in a Divorce Case and Why Does It Matter?

service of process

Understanding Service of Process in Divorce: A Critical Step Initiating a divorce involves more than just deciding to part ways; it requires careful adherence to legal procedures, especially when it comes to the service of process. Understanding the significance of this step is crucial for anyone starting the divorce process. The Importance of Service of Process […]

Adhd and Medication – Disagreements Between Parents

medical decisions

Navigating ADHD Medication Decisions After Divorce Parenting a child with ADHD introduces unique challenges, especially when it comes to making medical decisions. Disagreements between parents over medication can complicate matters further. Understanding how to handle these disagreements is crucial for the child’s well-being. Joint Legal Custody and ADHD Medication In cases of joint legal custody, […]

Steps To Take If Your Spouse Says No To Divorce

Divorce Without Consent

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary): Spouses may resist divorce for various personal, emotional, or financial reasons. In Minnesota, a divorce can proceed without both parties’ agreement. Legal strategies exist for dealing with spouses who avoid service, fail to respond, or refuse to sign divorce papers. Johnson/Turner offers experienced divorce attorneys to help overcome the […]

What Happens to the Family Business in a Minnesota Divorce?

family business

TL;DR Summary Minnesota law mandates a fair division of marital assets, including family businesses, in a divorce. Optimal scenarios allow for continued joint ownership, keeping the business in the family. In contentious divorces, the business may need to be valued and divided, or one spouse may buy out the other’s share. Selling the business is […]

Strategically Preparing for Divorce

preparing for divorce

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary) Divorce is a complex process requiring financial, legal, and personal considerations. Prepare financially by creating a detailed budget for future planning. Gather all essential financial documents, including bank statements and mortgage documents. Identify and articulate your goals for the post-divorce future to maintain focus. Seek professional guidance from seasoned […]

Staying Productive During Divorce Delays in Minnesota

Even before you begin the divorce process, you’re likely already looking toward the finish line. While you may want to get divorced as quickly as possible, certain periods during divorce proceedings require some time and patience. Even so, you can continue working and making progress on your case. When you meet with a Minnesota divorce […]

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Denied Visitation by Your Ex

When spending time with your children is a top priority, you don’t want anything to get in the way of that. Unfortunately, sometimes your children’s other parent, who should also want the best for your children, is also the person keeping you from them. Getting denied your parenting time  with your kids can be frustrating […]