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What Does Primary Physical Custody Mean?

When you’re going through a divorce, different types of custody agreements will likely be mentioned. What does primary physical custody mean? More than 71,000 people in the United States alone work in the family law and divorce lawyer industry. One of the top reasons there is so much demand for the services of family law […]

How to Choose the Right Custodial Agreement for Your Children

Divorce can be hard on both parents and children, and it can be tough to know what is best for them sometimes. Learn how to choose a custodial agreement here. Parenting after divorce is becoming more and more widespread in America. About 23% of children in the country live with just one parent. If you […]

Resolving Real Estate Disputes with Flat Fee Services in Minnesota: A Hassle-Free Approach

Introduction: Navigating the Maze of Real Estate Disputes Real estate, often touted as a solid investment, can sometimes become a quagmire of disputes and legal entanglements. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, finding yourself embroiled in a real estate conflict is never a pleasant experience. The complexities of the legal system can be […]

How Do Family Courts Decide Whether a Parent Is Unfit?

Parenting a child is more than a privilege; it is a right that is fiercely protected by the law. Every parent is presumed to be fit and capable of parenting their child, and the right to parent can only be extinguished in two ways. First, a parent can give up their right to parent their […]

Can I Change The Locks Before My Divorce Is Finalized?

You filed for divorce in Minnesota, and your soon-to-be ex-partner is already sleeping at their friend’s or parent’s house. You are ready to move on, so what is the harm in changing the locks on your home? Turns out, moving on after your ex moves out by changing the locks on the marital home may […]

Do You Have to Be Married to Adopt a Child?

Adoption laws and regulations can be confusing. Do you have to be married to adopt a child? Learn what the process involves here. In 2020, over 95,000 children were adopted in the United States. Adoption serves as an amazing way to start or grow a family when certain obstacles prevent you from doing so otherwise. […]

What to Expect During the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

Bankruptcy can be very disruptive, but understanding the process can help. Learn what to expect during the Chapter 7 bankruptcy timeline here. For many of us, there will come a day when we deal with financial distress. This could be due to injury, job loss, etc. In fact, nearly 390,000 people filed for bankruptcy in […]

What Bankruptcy Documents Do You Need?

To go through the bankruptcy process, you need the correct paperwork. Learn about the bankruptcy documents to show your attorney here. While bankruptcy filings have dropped 6.3%, it still remains a problem for many households. The bankruptcy process may be difficult to navigate if you’ve never done it before. First and foremost, you’ll want to […]

Real Estate Litigation in Minnesota: What Every Estate Planning Client Should Know

When you think about buying a house, you probably imagine the joy of selecting your dream home, envisioning family gatherings, and enjoying the comfort of your space. Who’d think of disputes, right? Yet, like mixing oil with water, real estate disputes can unexpectedly disrupt your serene vision. Ever thought about why we have insurance for […]

How to Protect Seniors From Elder Fraud

Elder fraud is a big problem in the senior community. Learn how you can protect yourself or a senior loved one in this guide. There are over 7.8 million incidents of elder fraud every year. This highlights the urgency for individuals and families to proactively protect our seniors. With the advancement of technology and the […]