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Chart Your Course

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Chart Your Course

When someone else is handling an estate and you don’t like how it is being handled or think something is wrong. Maybe you think someone else should be in charge, you question the validity of the will, you question the accounting that is being done, or you worry that you aren’t getting your rightful share.

The problem is that you feel like you are on the outside looking in. You may lack access to information and control over the outcome. You aren’t sure if your suspicions are correct, whether you have a legal leg to stand on and what it would cost to take action.

Chart Your Course was designed for you. For an affordable fixed price, we will learn your case and provide you a legal analysis of your options and likelihood of success and a proposed action plan with pricing to enable you to make an informed decision if and how to proceed.

  • Step 1: Contact Us
  • Step 2: Consult with Your Attorney and Share Relevant Documents
  • Step 3: Receive Chart Your Couse Letter with Analysis & Recommendation
  • Step 4: Choose your Next Step

Our Core Values

Teamwork. Innovation. Community. Knowledge. Compassion.


Our employees are the key to the success of our clients, and ultimately of the firm. We strive to create a culture that instills a sense of belonging. We want to provide our employees with a safety net, which empowers them to take risks and make leaps, while knowing that others will support, assist and, if need be, catch them. Maintaining a firm culture of shared vision, open communication, positive work environment and friendships will foster a cohesive team of professionals working together to champion the successes of our clients, our community partners, and the firm.


We believe the legal industry needs to break free from its stale and uncreative practices in order to serve the needs of today’s clients. We seek to lead the way in revolutionizing the way consumers experience legal representation. We strive to reinvent all major facets of the delivery of legal services, including how we involve our clients in our representation through information sharing and communication, how we produce legal documents, manage cases, and price our services. We understand the challenges that come with innovation, and strive to support one another’s new ideas.


We strive to ensure that our attorneys and staff are fully versed in their practice areas to provide our clients the best advice and representation. The knowledge necessary to do so includes not only mastering the letter of the law, but also understanding trends in the interpretation and application of the law. We are life long learners who know there will never come a day when we have all the answers. We nurture and rely on our strong network of relationships within the firm and beyond. We study; we reflect; we converse; and we challenge one another. Our depth of knowledge sets us apart.


We all experiences life’s challenges, whether as part of our day-to-day routines or as a result of an event or transition in one’s life. Johnson/Turner Legal strives to help its clients and the legal profession rise through such challenges. Whether by pursuing fairness and justice, by solving problems or by bringing new perspective, Johnson/Turner Legal is dedicated to building trust and providing comfort.


We are a service organization, helping people through challenges and transitions in their lives. Our work must extend beyond our clients to champion the success of our colleagues, friends and the communities at large in which we live and work. We work to improve our communities through volunteerism and leadership.

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