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7 Signs You May Need a Divorce Coach

7 Signs You May Need a Divorce Coach

October 7, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

7 Signs You May Need a Divorce Coach

October 7, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

What is a divorce coach, and what can they do for you? Learn if you might need some assistance through the divorce process here.

Married couples often stay together to support family and not cause disruptions, but sometimes this isn’t always the best plan.

Research shows that spouses with children produce a healthier environment when they’re separated. Fighting and tension can cause problems in the house, which are easily avoidable through separation. Divorce coaches are a great resource if you’re stuck deciding on your next move.

If you’re wondering, “What is a divorce coach,” you can learn more below. Keep reading to discover if divorce coaching will help you through the process!

1. Legal Processes Are Unfamiliar

Unless you’ve previously gone through the divorce process, you likely don’t know how it works.

Divorce coaching helps people who are unfamiliar with the legal system and divorce procedures. There is a lot of paperwork, mediation, and court sessions that you’ll have to arrange for proper representation. Our team helps you take over these responsibilities so you can focus on moving forward and negotiating.

Since you can’t ask anyone, besides your lawyer, for divorce advice, you need to have a reliable resource. Johnson Turner associates will let you know what to expect and give you a timeline. Our team offers flat fee costs and firm services to ensure that you get the best representation.

2. Your Emotions Aren’t in Control

Many people start looking for help when they learn how to get a divorce because their emotions are all-consuming.

When it comes to filing for divorce, every agreement and conversation matters. Whether you’ve been cheated on or want to move forward independently, you don’t want your feelings to get in the way. Divorce involves negotiating with someone you might not even be on speaking terms with.

Johnson Turner Legal helps people take control of their divorce without fear, worry, or confusion. Look at our DIYorce resources to learn more about how we can help. You don’t have to navigate this process alone.

3. Financial Management Is Overwhelming

When you’re filing for divorce, you’ll gain more independence and separate from your spouse financially.

If you aren’t good with money or don’t understand the fees involved in a divorce, we can help. Our team can help you with financial planning, child care, custody payments, and legal fees. Without having to worry about hourly rates, you can expect the best support from our law firm.

Although it may seem like you’ll pay more for a divorce coach, many people end up saving money. Coaches can prevent further tension and help save on the overall divorce costs.

4. You Freeze Under Pressure

It’s not uncommon for people to freeze in response to stressful events that require a decision.

If you freeze under pressure and can’t make decisions, you aren’t alone. Decision paralysis can become an issue during divorce negotiations, and you don’t want to regret anything you do or don’t do. Our divorce coaches will work closely with you to understand your wants and needs throughout the process.

The inability to make a decision often occurs because someone is scared they will make the wrong choice. The Johnson Turner team will support you through a divorce and help with communications so your stress levels aren’t as high. You’ll not only have a chance to make a choice but also feel confident with it.

5. Children Are Involved

Divorce can be a positive thing for families, but sometimes it can be a shock to children.

When spouses get divorced, the family also goes through a separation. If you’re concerned about communicating this with your children, we can provide you with knowledge and resources. Taking the divorce one step at a time will prevent anyone from feeling overwhelmed.

It’s essential to work with a divorce attorney and coach so that your relationship doesn’t impede what’s best for your child. Child custody payments and arrangements require an expert to negotiate. Another way we can help is by supplying resources for being a “single parent” to ease the transition.

6. You Have College Fund & Rent Worries

As a married couple, you may share finances and both put money toward the house and children.

Since most of these assets are money and in an account, they must be separated for the divorce. Divorce coaches can help you budget, organize, and prepare for new accounts and payment cancelations. After discussing your finances and future goals, we will provide recommendations and resources.

If you and your spouse both contribute to a savings account for family or college, it’s best to split the assets. Divorce coaches help clients determine the best number for how much they’ve contributed.

7. You’re Questioning Things

People often spiral during the divorce process because they start questioning their past and future.

When your mind starts racing and going through “what-if” scenarios, it can be difficult to focus. Negotiations and changes will require you to be in the present moment and carefully take action. Johnson Turner has worked with a variety of clients and we are willing to listen to your concerns and difficulties with the situation.

In this state, people claim to experience foggy minds and poor decision-making abilities. This can negatively impact your agreements and relationships with your children without support. As you work with our team, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and your future.

It may also be difficult to come to terms with a separation from someone you love. If you’re not ready to leave, but the other person is, a divorce coach can offer support. Don’t let personal pain impact your future.

What Is a Divorce Coach Going to Do for You?

As you take a step closer toward independence with divorce coaching, you may be curious about how it will help.

Learning what is a divorce coach can help you feel confident in your abilities and knowledge. Johnson Turner Legal has an expert team that can support you during these changes. Having support can help you negotiate divorce assets, child custody, and estate planning.

If you want to learn more about our company and the divorce process, check out our client page for resources. Johnson Turner Legal can help coach you through separation and prepare you for the future!


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