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Understanding and Preventing Will Fraud and Coercion

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Understanding and Preventing Will Fraud and Coercion

February 22, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Understanding and Preventing Will Fraud and Coercion

February 22, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

In the intricate world of estate planning, the creation and maintenance of a last will and testament are paramount. However, it’s equally crucial to stay vigilant against potential will fraud and coercion. At Johnson/Turner Legal, we prioritize your peace of mind by helping you recognize and respond to these serious concerns. A will represents not just a legal document, but the culmination of a lifetime’s work, hopes, and dreams. It’s essential to safeguard this legacy from manipulation. Understanding the subtle yet significant red flags of undue influence and fraud can be the key to protecting not only your assets but also the intentions and well-being of your loved ones.

1. Look Out for Unfair Influence

First off, watch for situations where someone who needs daily care relies heavily on a beneficiary. This reliance can lead to unfair changes in the will. Always be vigilant about these relationships to spot any manipulation.

2. Pay Attention to Sudden Will Changes

Then, if you notice the will suddenly cuts out family members or gives a lot to someone new, take a closer look. These abrupt changes can suggest hidden influences. Keep a sharp eye on these unexpected shifts – they’re often red flags.

3. Examine the Witnesses Closely

Also, it’s essential to check who the witnesses are. If they’re close to someone who benefits from the will, their honesty might be in question. This situation often signals potential trouble with how the will came to be.

4. Spot Inconsistencies Right Away

Furthermore, search for parts of the will that seem off, like surprising gifts or items missing. These irregularities could hint at someone tampering with the will. Always be on the lookout for these unusual elements.

5. Beware of Pressured Decisions

Finally, be cautious if the will seems to have been made in a hurry or under pressure. Quick, pressured changes are classic signs of coercion. Watch out for any discomfort or uncertainty from the person who made the will.

Johnson/Turner: Your Active Ally

Worried about will fraud or coercion? Johnson/Turner is your proactive defender. We stand ready to protect your rights and honor your intentions. If you spot these signs or feel uneasy about a will, we’re here with expertise and empathy. We blend our legal skills with compassion and fairness to ensure your wishes are respected.

Have concerns about a will? Reach out to us. Our legal experts are eager to listen, investigate, and steer you through these important matters.

Keeping these tips in mind is key to protecting your will. Partnering with Johnson/Turner means having an active advocate for your future and your wishes.


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