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How To Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer

How To Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer

October 12, 2022

By Johnson/Turner Legal

How To Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer

October 12, 2022

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Do you want to know how to choose the best child custody lawyer? Do you know how to go about it? Read on to learn how to make the right choice.

Married couples in the US file for over 630,500 divorces every year. When children are involved, however, the situation can often get messy. It’s important to have an experienced child custody lawyer at your side through every step of the process.

Their experience and expertise can help minimize the stress of a messy custody battle.

Not sure how to find the best child custody lawyer in Minnesota? Read on for the tips you need for an effective search. This child custody lawyer guide can help you narrow down your selection without additional stress.

Discover how to choose a child custody lawyer today.

Relevant Case Experience

There are now over 57,000 family law and divorce lawyers across the US. To find the best child custody lawyer in Minnesota, turn to friends and family members. Speak to anyone you know who was involved in a child custody case in the past.

Otherwise, speak to someone who hired a lawyer that specializes in family law for another purpose. For example, perhaps a family member hired a family law attorney for situations involving:

  • Juvenile matters
  • Emancipation and approval of underage marriages
  • Guardianship
  • Name changes
  • Adoptions
  • Marriage dissolution

Determine if the attorneys at that law firm take on child custody cases as well.

Child custody situations are a branch of family law. Prioritize finding an attorney who specializes in family law and child custody.  Determine how long the attorney has practiced in Minnesota and how long they’ve specialized in child custody cases.

Determine if they have case experience relevant to your situation, too. For example, perhaps your case is considered high-conflict and therefore complex. Maybe there’s a jurisdiction concern or interstate element involved instead.

Ask the attorney if they’ve taken on cases similar to your own.

Consider asking about the outcome for cases that reflect yours as well. If the outcome wasn’t favorable to their client, keep searching. Prioritize finding a child custody attorney who can understand and accomplish your goals.

Knowledge of Jurisdiction Laws

Once you find a child custody lawyer with years of relevant case experience, determine how long they’ve practiced in Minnesota. It’s equally important to find a child custody attorney with knowledge of jurisdiction laws. If they’re new to practicing locally, keep searching.

Every state has different child custody laws, regulations, and procedures. Your attorney should have thorough knowledge of the jurisdiction laws within Minnesota. Otherwise, they might make a costly mistake while handling your case.

Remember, there might be special circumstances to your case, such as an interstate element. In these cases, make sure the attorney has knowledge of both jurisdictions involved in the case.

Finding a lawyer with years of local experience can also ensure their accessibility (more on this below).

A Strong Reputation

Look for client testimonials for each attorney on your list. Try to find a lawyer who already has a strong, telling reputation in the area. Their reputation can speak to their ability to represent your best interests.

Keep an eye out for negative comments about their accessibility, professionalism, and track records. Make sure the lawyer doesn’t have a disciplinary record, too.


As you begin narrowing down your list of attorneys, consider their accessibility. Consider asking the attorney how many cases they’re currently involved in. If they’re juggling too many cases at once, they might not make time for your case.

If the lawyer isn’t local, you could also have a difficult time meeting them in person. For example, you might have to take a day off work to travel and meet them.

Finding a local attorney can make vetting them easier as well. For example, you might feel more comfortable choosing an attorney a friend or family member has recommended.

Local attorneys have likely established relationships with courthouse staff, other lawyers, and judges in the area. These connections could prove beneficial to your case.

Communication Skills

As you review testimonials for each attorney, look for comments about their communication skills.

Don’t hire an attorney you’ll struggle to contact in the future. Instead, make sure the attorney will keep you up-to-date about how your case is progressing over time.

Consider how they’ll communicate on your behalf, too. For example, they’ll need to communicate with other lawyers, judges, and your spouse. If they lack the necessary communication skills, they might lack the ability to represent you accordingly.


As you narrow down your options to find the best child custody lawyer in town, consider finding a compassionate lawyer, too.

Divorce and child custody cases can get intense and emotional. Find an attorney who understands what’s at stake for you and your family.

Though you might not want someone who will hold your hand every step of the way, it is important to find someone who understands your needs. Otherwise, they might not properly represent you.


Before choosing a child custody attorney, consider your financial resources. Determine what you can spend on a child custody case.

Ask each attorney how they handle their billing. You’ll have an easier time managing realistic expectations regarding the costs. Attorney fees can handle different factors, including the lawyer’s success rate, size of their firm, and more.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation appointment with a few attorneys on your list. Discuss the details of your child custody case and outline your goals. Then, ask each lawyer about their legal strategy.

During the appointment, pay close attention to how the lawyer communicates and holds themselves. If they interrupt you during the meeting, they’re likely not paying attention to your needs. If they struggle to get their point across, they might struggle to speak on your behalf when fighting for custody, too.

Review your notes to choose the best child custody lawyer based on your needs.

Find the Best Child Custody Lawyer in Minnesota Today

Finding a child custody attorney doesn’t have to feel as stressful as your actual case. Instead, use these tips to begin narrowing down your choices. Then, you can make an informed decision to ensure you choose the best child custody lawyer in Minnesota.

You don’t have to fight alone. We’re here to fight by your side.

Schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today.


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