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Top Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

Top Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

March 23, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Top Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

March 23, 2023

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Are you in a custody battle for your child? Then, read this article to discover child custody mistakes you need to avoid!

As the years have come to pass, the rate of divorce has skyrocketed. More couples than ever are finding out that trying to put their struggles aside for the sake of their marriages isn’t benefiting anyone. Divorce is a resort that many couples turn to to find closure.

Divorce isn’t as simple as signing your name on a document and being finished with your spouse. If you’ve had children during your marriage, child custody is an area that must be discussed. You and your partner must decide how to raise your offspring.

If you and your partner have agreed to part ways, it’s time to go over some of the mistakes that have been made in mediation. Let’s look at family law and what errors you should avoid regarding your child custody case.

Being Civil Is Thrown Out

One of the worst things that parents can do for their children during a divorce is not to be civil. While there may be some contentions, it is the problem of your children. Children have impressionable minds at any age and they take on what their parents speak about.

Avoid the tension as best as possible. Remember that your children come first even in the middle of a divorce. Try to find resolutions that are best for all parties involved.

Making your child uncomfortable with your ill words and antics could make them resentful of you and your ex-partner. Always remember that your kids are listening to the words you speak about one another.

Using Social Media as an Outlet

Generations today tend to post everything in their lives on social media without considering the outcome. This can be a very big problem for your children. If you are constantly using social media to share your information or even your child’s information, you’re putting your case in danger.

Social media can be looked at and taken into evidence when it comes to your custody case. A well-rounded and available parent does not use social media to “blast” their co-parent. Remember, some of these factors can be brought up in court to affect your hearing.

Always use common courtesy when it comes to your divorce and your children. You never know what is going to get back to your child that you have said.

Not Being on Your Best Behavior

Going right aligns with not using social media to slander the other parent, you also should be doing your best to maintain control of your own life. While you’re now newly navigating life without your partner, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still children involved in your choices.

When negotiating custody of your children, you want to be in the best mental space possible. When your children are with you, continue your parenting without the hindrance of drugs and alcohol.

Getting a divorce is a complicated time for all involved parties. Rely on the support system of friends and family members instead of narcotics so that your children’s lives continue the same positive trajectory.

Not Adhering to Court Orders

A hindering problem you can make during your custody battle is not adhering to orders that have already been put in place by the court. If you and your ex-partner have an agreement, keep on top of those agreements unless they are otherwise negotiated. It is important to show consistency for yourself as well as your child.

Be sure that any set mandate by the court is taken seriously. This way if there are any disputes, there is prior documentation regarding the agreement.

This also goes for when the children should be with which parent. You never want to be in the middle of a kidnapping accusation because court rulings were ignored.

Not Getting Everything in Writing

Too many parents make the mistake of not getting their agreements or any documentation that has to do with the child in writing. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple divorce mediation or a difficult case, everything should be documented. You never know when a question may come up that needs to be backed up in writing.

Always keep all the information about custody and divorce well-organized. It will be highly beneficial in the long run to pull out any documentation when and if it is needed in court or at any other point during your custody arrangement.

You should always have anything that involves the children written down to share with the other party. You are both responsible for your kids; therefore, both parties should always be informed.

Not Putting Your Children First

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your children and custody after a divorce is that your children are your top priority. While feelings may be hurt on both sides, it is them that you want to do right by. Keeping your children’s needs and well-being needs to be at the top of your list.

All too often, many parents allow their ill will to get in the way of remembering that there are young minds involved. Even when emotions run high, do your best to use divorce coaching to keep your mind centered on the essential parts of your divorce settlement.

Your children will benefit from parents who put them first and understand the benefits of navigating for their sake. Try to keep their emotions and well-being in mind first and foremost.

Child Custody Is Difficult to Navigate

No one expects to see the dissolution of their marriage. Yet, when you have children involved, child custody and the way you plan on raising your kids should be your priority. Avoid these problems as best as possible, and work with your partner to find the best outcomes.

Regardless of what you’re going through (estate planning, bankruptcy, adoption) if we can be of assistance in any way, let us know. Our contact information is available to get you through whatever curveball life might have thrown you.


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