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How Dating During Divorce Could Impact Your Case

How Dating During Divorce Could Impact Your Case

March 10, 2022

By Johnson/Turner Legal

How Dating During Divorce Could Impact Your Case

March 10, 2022

By Johnson/Turner Legal

Wait Until the Divorce Decree is Signed

Dating might sound like a great idea when you are getting divorced. You may feel emotionally ready to try putting yourself out there again. However, beginning a new relationship while you are still in the process of getting a divorce is not a wise idea. Read on to learn why.

You’re Married Until You Are Divorced

When you file for divorce, that act alone does not end your marriage. In fact, your marriage is not legally over until the judge presiding over your case signs your final decree of divorce. This means that you and your spouse are married throughout the process, even if you live separately from each other.

What does this mean if you start dating someone? Your actions can be used against you by your spouse or their attorney throughout the process, and the already tense process could become even more difficult for you.

Potential Ramifications

Dating during divorce can impact two major areas of post-divorce life: child custody agreement and property division. While you may have harmless intent in dating someone while your divorce is still ongoing, it could be argued that your actions are putting your children at risk of mental and emotional harm or that you used money that belongs to both you and your spouse to fund your new relationship.

If these accusations are made, the outcome of your divorce could look very different from what you expected. For example, you may face the possibility of less time with your children via the custody agreement, or you may be ordered to reimburse your spouse for the money you spent using marital funds (this reimbursement could take form in the asset division step). For these reasons, it is far wiser to avoid dating during your divorce and wait until after the process is complete.

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Work with Your Family Law Attorney

When you are unsure of how to proceed in your divorce or you don’t know where to begin, seek the guidance of an attorney who can help you. At Johnson / Turner Legal, our team is ready and available to help you chart the best path forward. Though the road ahead may be difficult, we will walk with you each step of the way.

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